Tetiana Tsiopkalo

Film director, journalist, producer, videographer

Tetiana is a multi-talented professional in the field of media production, with expertise as a producer, director, videographer, and journalist. She has actively participated in international grant projects, showcasing her commitment to collaborating on a global scale.

Tetiana’s film “Red necklace” achieved acclaim and recognition, winning awards at international and national film festivals and competitions. In particular, she was honored with the Best Film Director award at the International Film Festival “Migration or Attempt to Escape” in 2013. Her work has also been selected as a finalist in notable nominations, including the International Festival of Screen Arts “Dnipro-Sinema” and the Festival of Television Projects “Interfilmfest” in Kyiv.

Currently, the film is in the archive of the National Museum of Remembrance and is proposed for inclusion in a textbook on the history of Ukraine for children.


She was also working as a producer and second film director of the series of documentaries Unbroken Women, that were broadcasted in 8 countries and promoted a process of legislative changes to protect Ukrainian prisoners of war.

As a member of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine, Tetyana demonstrates her professional dedication and commitment to journalistic standards and ethics. Her involvement in various media production and human rights work highlights her versatility and ability to contribute to different aspects of the industry.

Tetiana also knows how to touch the emotions of the audience. Empathic and attentive to all processes of project implementation, she knows how to unite a team and get a really excellent result – an impactful product. For this reason, Tetiana always applies the maximum of her professional skills and talent.

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